About GHU

The  Global Humanistic University (GHU)  received its Charter from the Ministry of Education of Curaçao in March of 2018. This charter grants the GHU the right to establish a university in Curaçao for the purpose of providing and teaching high-quality online study programs in the fields of business administration, finance, and law. The bachelor, master, and doctoral programs will primarily target international students.

 Official Charter of GHU


The GHU is a private provider of part-time online study programs with its main office in Curaçao. It is our vision to provide access to innovative, research-based teaching and learning to all who can benefit. Our aim is to impact the lives of our students and staff in a positive manner and contribute to the higher education sector on the island of Curaçao as well as in a wider international community.  

The GHU is committed to the principles of equality, opportunity, and diversity. We aspire to promote wide access and inclusion by offering online distance education learning opportunities and flexible study modes, which provide our students with the opportunity to enhance their qualifications whilst they work and continue to pursue a career. The institution considers itself first and foremost as a partner for the business. The GHU offers doctoral programs as well as - through academic partnerships worldwide - master and bachelor programs. The teaching language used in the programs is the native language of the corresponding academic partner. For master and bachelor programs, the GHU is now actively searching for well-established and reputable partners worldwide.  

Doctoral programs will also be available in the native language of most students. For this purpose, the GHU has more than 100 advisors and professors in over 37 countries speaking a combined 17 languages. 

The GHU will be honored to welcome academic partners, advisors, and students around the world.