Winter-Summer School™ 2020

Developing a complete expertise in strategy

04-09 February 2020

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The Global Humanistic University’s first Summer School in wintertime will be dedicated to executives, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and will be aimed at helping them to develop a complete and definite expertise in strategy. Executives, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs are the strategists of their organizations and they must continually improve their strategic skills because these represent their core contribution to their respective organizations.

Executives who are devoted to their organization do not have time to read many books and articles in order to prepare specialized training courses. For this reason, we have decided to develop a method that will help them learn faster. This method will be based on expertise theory and will provide original experiences corresponding to important actual issues in strategy. The workshops will not be class based, but will take place outdoors, on a boat, on an island, on top of a mountain, and so forth.

Executives learn through practice. Therefore, every candidate must submit a real project in strategy on which he/she will work before, during, and after the summer school course. Professional consultants will be available online before and after the training in Curacao and onsite during the summer school to help participants and guide them in their personal projects as well as help them to apply what they will learn.

The training program is also designed to help you to think differently and to innovate. In order to be able to do so, at times we must exit our (sometimes cold) working environment, and to go to a place where it is warmer and where we can think “out of the box”. The team of professors and consultants, the carefully designed workshops, the overall experience, as well as the facilities that the Global Humanistic University will provide on Curacao will help you to further advance your expertise and develop your career. 

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Who should attend?

  • Intermediate and top executives

  • Domain experts that wish to become executives

Main questions addressed in this summer school:

  • What do we know about expertise and how to develop a complete expertise that provides anticipatory capacities?

  • What is strategy?

  • What are the streams in strategy (i.e. the 10 traditional schools of strategy)?

  • What are the new trends in strategy (the innovation school and the expertise school)?

  • How to innovate in strategy?

  • What about managing without strategy? 

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