Winter-Summer School™ 2020


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Candidate must have a minimum of 5 years experience as:

  • Top or intermediate executive

  • Experimented entrepreneur.

Candidates that have less than 5 years of experience, or candidates that have no experience in management but that presents a strong potential can submit their candidatures, but they must provide a letter of reference from a top or intermediate executive from their company that explains why the candidature is recommended. Entrepreneur that want to start-up a company may as well apply, but they must provide two recommendation letters from top or intermediate executives from two different companies that explains why the candidature is recommended.

How to Submit your candidature

Send all the requested information by email at the following address (all documents must be in PDF format) :

[email protected]

Limit date to submit your candidature:

Early Bird Candidature and registration fees (150 USD) must be received no later than 31 October 2019.

Others Candidatures and registration fees (150 USD) must be received no later than 31 December 2019.

What to include in your candidature:

Introduction letter that include: 

  • Presentation of your candidature and attached documents;

  • Any link to online profile (LinkedIn, personal profile on the website of your company, Research Gate, etc.);

  • Address of the website of your company;
  • Specify if your are going to pay the tuition personally or it is going to be paid by your company;

  • Any other information that you wish to communicate to support your candidature;

Supporting Documents:

  • A photocopy of a picture ID;

  • A Photocopy of university's diplomas obtained.

Personal project in strategy presentation:

  • Every candidate must submit a personal project with its candidature that must be a real strategic project that you want to implement in your organisation;

  • Example of receivable project: territory expansion, new product launching, Business Model revising, company repositioning, etc. (start-up projects are acceptable for entrepreneur);

  • The project presentation must be a brief Summery presented on 2 text pages maximum or 10 PowerPoint Slides;

  • One extra page with the list of the references that you already have for your project;

  • Example of references for your project: data set, internal or external market study, internal guidelines for project approval, Financial forecast, etc. 

Complete resume:

  • Executive resume including your previous studies;

  • If you have publication, please provide a list of them with your resume.

Payment of the registration fees:

  • 150 USD (non refundable).

  • See payment options.

Selection process

After submitting your candidature, we will review at least monthly all received candidature and you will receive our written decision within 2 weeks.

Important information:

  • The registration fees must be received in order to consider your candidature. If payment is not received at the moment that we will review your candidature, your candidature will be kept for the next selection process. If after two selection processes we haven’t received your payment for the registration fees, we will withdraw your candidature.

  • Groups are limited to 20 students and the selection process is based on first selected, first retained. Therefore, make sure to send your candidature early to ensure your place.

  • Nevertheless, if we receive 40 qualified and selected candidatures, we will have 2 different groups.

Tuition Fees

  • 18,000 USD for Early bird (candidature and registration fees received before October 31 2019);

  • 20,000 USD for other (candidature and registration fees received between 1 November and 31 December 2019).

Included costs:

  • Lodging in a top resort in Curacao (6 nights)

  • Transportation from Airport to the resort (2 ways)

  • Breakfasts and lunches during the program

  • 2 Receptions (including dinner)

  • Transportation for workshops when required (including boat, bus and others if required)

  • All workshop fees and material (including books, golf club access and others if required)

  • University certificate (with 5 ECTS)

  • Meetings with professional coaches (experienced consultants)

Not included costs:

  • Transportation to Curacao

  • Dinners, except for receptions dinners (day 1 and day 6)

  • Family lodging (can be organized, extra fees are applicable)

  • Health and Life Insurance (we recommend to every candidate to purchase their own insurance prior travelling)

  • Any other spending not explicitly described in the included costs section

Payment Policies

Selected candidates will receive an invoice (at their personal name or at the name of their company) with their acceptance letter for the Tuition fees. Once received, they will have 30 days to pay 50% of the Tuition fess. The second payment of 50% of the tuition fees must be received no later than 31 December 2019.

Late payment may conduct to the cancelation of the registration by GHU. Under such condition, the cancelation policy also applied.

Cancelation policy

Cancelation refunds are the following:

Refunds (% of the received payments for tuition fees)
Before 31 October 2019
90 %
Between 1 and 30 November 2019
Between 1 and 31 December 2019

After 31 December 2019, there is no refund. Nevertheless if the candidate cannot come for a major reason, the candidate can recommend a qualified colleague from his company to replace him. The candidate must submit the proposal as soon as possible since the candidature must be approved by the GHU Summer School.

Refund will be paid by international bank transfer and the candidate will have to provide the requested information as the one we present in the payment options Refund will only be made to the person or the company that is indicate in the original invoice.

Payment options

Every payment (Registration and tuitions fees) must be made in USD by international bank transfer. Please use the following information and transmittal instruction:

Beneficiary’s bank
BIC code/Swift
Beneficiary’s Branch ID
815 30197
Beneficiary’s Account No
0 815 30197 8009664
Beneficiary’s Complete name
GHU Summer School
Beneficiary’s Complete address

Important instruction

  • Please pay in USD funds. DO NOT convert funds in CAD or send any other currency. If converted or sent in another Currency, funds will be returned.

  • We must receive the exact requested amount; the candidate must pay any transactional fees. 

Make sure to verify with you financial institution the timeframe for your payment to be received (generally between 2 to 4 days, but it may be much longer in certain countries). For very long timeframe, please contact us and we will organize a PayPal Payment (all transactional fees remained payable by the candidate).

Other very important information

  • Candidates that wish to come in family will have to provide their arrival and departure dates as soon as they are accepted if they wish their family to stay at the same resort than the candidate (extra fees will have to be paid by the candidate in advance);

  • Candidates who wish to arrive in advance or leave later must provide their arrival and departure dates as soon as they are accepted if they wish to stay at the same resort than the one selected for the summer school (extra fees will have to be paid by the candidate in advance);

  • GHU Summer School doesn’t take any responsibility during your stay and candidates will have to accept to sign a discharge prior sending their payments after being accepted. Therefore, we strongly encourage candidates to buy a travelling insurance including health insurance prior to join the program in Curacao.

  • Candidates must organize their transportation from their country to Curacao. We encourage candidates to reserve their flight early to ensure flight availability.