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Sustainable Business Strategy

The course "Sustainable Business Strategy" of Harvard Business School Online will be credited to the MSc Programm of GHU

Registration is open for the course which starts on 11/18/2020.

The program Sustainable Business Strategy by Harvard Business School in collaboration with the Global Humanistic University, will cost 760, - USD only for GHU students. 

The students will get a Certificate from the Harvard Business School.

Program Structure

This online course consists of approximately 20 to 25 hours of material delivered over a three-week period. You can complete the coursework on your own time while meeting regular deadlines.

Limited number
11/18 - 12/9/2020 
 Application deadline

If you wish to continue your MSc studies at the GHU, the fees for this course will be deducted and the course Sustainable Business Strategy will be integrated into the MSc program at the GHU. 
        Program information Sustainable Business Strategy
        Sustainable Business Strategy provides participants with the knowledge and tools to become a purpose-driven business leader. This course explores the different business models that companies can use to drive change and explains why purpose- driven businesses are particularly well positioned to tackle the world’s biggest problems. You will learn how to influence management and other key stakeholders on the competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven firm, and how to integrate your values into your work so that you can help transform firms into catalysts for system level change. 

        Modules Case Studies Key Takeaways
        1st: The Business Case for Action  • Unilever
        • Walmart
        • Transatomic Power 
        • Understand the business case for change
           and apply business models that create
           shared value

        • Analyze industry disruptions and business
           uncertainties and create scenario analyses
           to develop smart strategic options 

        2nd: Driving Change at Scale:
                   Moving Beyond the Firm 
        • Walmart
        • Unilever
        • King Arthur Flour 
        • Public Good Simulation Game 
        • Faculty Expert: Joshua Greene 
        • Understand what purpose-driven firms
           are and why they are successful
        • Examine the “Wheel of Change” and how
           business is a key catalyst to solve large
           global issues like climate change and
           income inequality 
        • Analyze cooperative action examples to
           understand how and why firms cooperate
           and why it’s necessary to enact change
        3rd: Purpose-Driven Systemic Change  • Norsk Gjenvinning 
        • John Streur, CEO of Calvert 
        • Walmart 
        • Faculty Experts: John Ruggie, John  
           Coates, Jane Nel son, George Serafeim 
        • Analyze the investor’s role, including the
          role of stakeholder management,
          alterna- tive governance, Environmental,
          Social & Governance metrics, and impact
        Evaluate the role of governments and
           other  institutions in large-scale change
           and understand why “Systems Thinking” is
        • Develop a personal plan for what YOU can