GHU in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online

Sustainable Business Strategy

The course "Sustainable Business Strategy" of Harvard Business School Online will be credited to the MSc Programm of GHU

From the first May 2020 on, you can apply in this course. We will inform before. Please read the newsletters carefully and stay tuned. For a non-binding reservation, please write us (All reservations are given preferential treatment)!
The  Global Humanistic University  is delighted and honored to announce a new collaboration with  Harvard Business School Online This week (20th of March) the GHU entered into an agreement to collaborate with Harvard Business School Online to offer one of its Certificate Programs to all our students. 
Program  Sustainable Business Strategy

The agreement to collaborate with  Harvard Business School  is to offer one of its Certificate Programs to all our students. The program is  Sustainable Business Strategy . The GHU is the only university in the Caribbean to do so. This will ensure that all the GHU’s students will continue to receive an outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate education and that they will acquire additional and necessary skills and competencies to thrive in their professional environment. The students will get a  Certificate from the Harvard Business School.
If you are interested, please send an email to:  [email protected]

We will inform you in the next weeks about the course, dates, fees, enrollment, etc.! Keep us in mind and read the next Newsletters carefully!
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