Prof. Dr. Stéphane Coudé

Dean of the Summer Schools

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On the behalf of The Global Humanistic University, I am thrilled to introduce our Summer / Winter-Summer Schools™ and to take the responsibility to help you in your career development.

The Summer / Winter-Summer Schools™ teaching approach is based on expertise theory (from cognitive science and neuroscience that have made tremendous progress in the recent years) that reveals how our brain is learning and how it develops expertise that provides anticipatory capacities (practical and prospective capacities). Therefore the curriculum and the teaching approach are adapted to the way that our brain is working.

Developed for intermediate and top executives, board of directors members as well as for practitioners who wish to become managers and leaders, all the workshops, classes, seminars, etc. provides an experience in which you are participating. Humans are at the center of our teaching experiences. Therefore, not only do we believe that it is important to consider how our brain works to be able to develop expertise, but also we think that it is through unforgettable and unusual moments that our memory retains knowledge that is useful for our future.

In that sense, we’ve imagined programs designed for your career improvement developed by Professors and Professionals that have demonstrated excellence in their fields and original teaching approaches.

Furthermore, Curaçao is a perfect environment to bring human to think differently to succeed in our new creative economy as well as in our more traditional economy in order to change and improve it.

Therefore I am looking forward to welcoming you during the Summer / Winter-Summer School™ that fits your needs and to make you live an unforgettable moment.


Prof. Dr. Stéphane Coudé

Dean of the Summer Schools
[email protected]

P. S.: Be prepared to open your mind, think differently and be disruptive.