Summer/Winter schools

A summer school addresses the needs to rapidly improve a specific knowledge for people who wish to add a specific expertise to their curriculum. In this manner, and in concordance with our vision, our Summer / Winter-Summer Schools™ achieve this objective through experiences designed for students from all over the world with different backgrounds to provide them the possibility to learn as much from their colleagues than from professors and practitioners that leads the workshops, classes, seminars, etc.

Each Summer / Winter-Summer School proposes an original and innovative content adapted to the actual creative economy as well as more traditional economy in order to change and improve it. The main objective is to provide practical knowledge that intermediate and top executives as well as practitioners who wish to become managers and leaders in their field of expertise can apply rapidly in their organization.

Summer / Winter-Summer Schools™ also propose tailor-made training programs for intermediate and top executives, board of directors members and any employees group from the same company.

In order to think out of the box, it is important to be destabilized, to go out of our usual (and to often cold) environment. It is also essential that this new environment to be a proper and a welcoming environment. Therefore, every Summer / Winter-Summer School™ is presented in warm and innovative laboratories where new ideas can emerge.

First Summer / Winter-Summer Schools™ and their handbooks are going to be published by the end of May 2019, therefore stay tuned to reserve your place!